1. What is BDGAMERS Club?

ANS: BDGAMERS Club is mobile portal which offers a large pool of mobile games to download and play. BDgamers Club can be availed on both subscription based. In case of subscription model, the subscribers will receive the contents for free (except data charge). Subscription fee starts from Tk2 +(Vat SD & SC) for daily TK10 +(Vat SD &SC) for weekly. Once subscribed to Bdgamer club, subscribers will login to http://bdgamers.club able to validate their subscription status and play as many as free games they want. Data charges will be applicable as per the package selected. In this Service also has a unique feature. There is a section for pro gamers where user can play games and challenge each other. This section has 2 types of players. Challenger and Acceptor. Subscribers will be able to post a challenge on the challenge board. Other subscribers will be able to see the post on the challenge board and accept the challenge if they are interested in order to participate in the CL. Upon subscriber accepting challenge it will not be shown on the challenge board.

2. Where do I find Mobile games offered from BDGAMERS CLUB?

ANS: You need to log on to http://bdgamers.club from your device via browser. You can then select from a range of android java and HTML5 games offered within the portal. Remember to bookmark for easy access. Here are some pointers to HELP you to browse and purchase a game:

  • Please make sure your device has Internet access
  • please make sure you are using a compatible handset for the games offered with the portal.
  • please make sure you have enough credit I bkash account while registration or Renew.
  • please make sure you have enough space for downloading the games on your mobile. We recommend you save the games you download on your memory card – if there is one in your mobile phone.

3. What is the address of the portal where I can find BDGAMERS CLUB?

ANS:To access the games please visit the WAP portal: http://bdgamers.club

4. How do I play the games?

ANS: The portal has 3 kind of games. Different games can be played. Can be played in different devices. HTML5 Games: can be played any device that supports HTML5. Windows, android, IOS. Android: Android Games can be played with android devices. Most of the pro games are android. User may download the games file on their android devices and install. They can also download on their PC and transfer the games files to their desired android devices, then install the games and play.

5.How can I find the specific games on bdGamers Club?

ANS: The portal has a unique offering of unlimited access to games. You can browse through the respective categories or you can use the search option within the portal to navigate to your desired game. Please do note that only Games that are supported for your phone are displayed on the pages.

6. What is the process of Creating Challenge?

Ans: At first you have to subscribe to our portal http://bdgamers.club Then you have to go to Game and have to play the game. After finish a game/match you will have a button in the game over window namely ‘Challenge’.

7. Is there any other process of Creating Challenge?

Ans: If you are subscribed to our portal http://bdgamers.club You have to go to Game our game and press the button ‘Challenge Board’. Then you have to press ‘Challenge’.

8. What is the process of ‘Creating Accepting’?

Ans: If you are subscribed to our portal http://bdgamers.club You have to go to Game our game and press the button ‘Challenge Board’. Then you will see a list of challenges in the board. You have to press the accept button of a challenge you want to accept.

9. What is the Challenge Process?

Ans: After a Challenge Acceptor accepts a challenge. He/She have to complete a game/match with a target score and within a given time period. The Success of the Challenge Acceptor determines the result.

10. What are the common steps to register and get subscribed?


  • The procedure of activation or get subscribed by WAP steps are as follows:
  • Visit http://bdgamers.club click Click on subscribe to your desired package Daily or weekly it will provide a OTP to your massage option.
  • Input the OTP at consent page for confirm subscription.
  • Then return to BDGamers portal and start playing your desired games.

11. If I have opted for the subscription option, how long does my subscription last?

ANS: Your subscription period will be dependent on the period you have opted for – Daily it will remain for 24 hour and renew on the next day.

12. How to deactivate the service?

ANS: visit the portal and you will find the deactivate button for un-subscription request.

13. What if I don’t want to subscribe to the service?

ANS: user can purchase specific games from the premier games section for 1year period.

14. How much do I pay for playing the games?

ANS: A subscribed user does not require any additional payment for the games. To subscribe user need to pay tk2 +(Vat SD & SC) and for weekly tk15 +(Vat SD & SC).

15. What if I have been charged but I didn’t get the game?

ANS: No problem!! If the download was interrupted due to some reason, you can still download the same game from the ‘My Account’ section on the portal. Here you will see the list of all games that you have downloaded. Please ensure that you are in good connectivity when you re-try.

16. Is there any data charge for browsing the games portal and game downloads?

ANS: Yes, there will be data charges as per your subscribed data plan for browsing the portal and downloading games.

18. For re-downloading the game from My Account, do I have to pay again for the game?

ANS: No. there are no charges for re-downloading the game from My Account. However, data charges may apply depending on your data package.

19. Does the games support iOS, Blackberry, and Windows phones?

ANS: only HTML5 games will be supported on these devices

20. Are all the games free to download for BDGamers Club subscriber?

ANS: for subscriber the games are free to download. However the premium section games will required to purchase maximum of 40tk +(Vat SD & SC) .

21. What will happen if any BDGamers Club non-member clicks on a game to download from BDGamers Club?

ANS: When a user clicks on any game for download, user will be redirected to package purchase option. Then the usual registration and purchase process to be followed as question number 6.

22. Where can I find the games which I have already downloaded? How can I download the games again? Do I need to pay again for these Games?

ANS: You can go to “My Account” section to see the list of games that has already been downloaded by you. The Games can be downloaded from the ‘My Account’ section for free as long as you retain the same mobile number and active subscription. The Games will be free to download, but data charges would apply as applicable.

23. After downloading any game can I play without data connection?

ANS: To play at all-time user need to be connected to the mobile data.

24. How do I continue playing if I change my handset?

ANS: Just login to the bdgamers portal and enjoy the HTML games. To play android games user need to download and play.

25. Where can I find help/instructions on playing the games?

ANS: You can visit the ‘Help’ section on http://bdgamers.club/faq from your device to get help. You will find the Game specific instructions within the game once you download it.